The Environmental Bulletin Board for the Ozarks Region


    We drink it, we swim in it, we catch (and eat) the fish that swim in it, we float on it and we marvel at its beauty, character and ability to calm the most troubled soul.  It’s water – that most precious element of the Ozarks.  With all that, we must not take it for granted.  Many groups work together to protect our water quality and resources.  Information about steps that we can all take every day is readily available.

    Watershed Committee of the Ozarks

    James River Basin Partnership

    Ozarks Water Watch

    Springfield Dept. of Environmental Services

    Clean Water Services (Wastewater)

    Springfield Dept. of Environmental Services

    Water Quality (Stormwater)

    City Utilities of Springfield

    Southwest Missouri RegionalWater (Tri-State Water)

    Stream Teams United

    Photo courtesy of Missouri Department of Conservation