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The Ozarks Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) is a voluntary, non-regulatory subcommittee of the Community Partnership of the Ozark's Environmental Collaborative. OCAA guides the region's education and outreach efforts to reduce the negative health and environmental effects of air pollution.

Transportation Tips:

  1. Choose a cleaner commute – car pool, use public transportation, bike or walk when possible.

  2. Combine errands to reduce mileage, “cold starts” of your vehicle and avoid extended idling.

  3. Consider an electric vehicle or hybrid to conserve or avoid fossil fuels.

  4. Keep cars, boats, and other engines properly tuned and avoid engines that smoke.

  5. Follow gasoline refueling instructions for efficient vapor recovery. Don’t “top off” your gas tank. Be careful not to spill fuel and always tighten your gas cap securely.

For the Garden:

  1. Use electric lawn equipment when possible. Consider purchasing electric equipment such as lawn mowers, weed eaters, and leaf blowers.

  2. Use manual tools when possible. Consider purchasing manual equipment such as push reel mowers, rakes and hedge clippers.

  3. If using gas-powered equipment, purchase a four-cycle engine. Four-cycle engines emit less air pollution than two-cycle engines.

  4. Properly maintain your equipment. Follow the manufacturers guidelines; keep the underside of the mower deck clean; maintain sharp mower blades; periodically tune-up your equipment; change the oil and clean or replace filters.

  5. Reduce mowing time. Use low maintenance turf grasses that grow slowly and require less mowing. Decrease your lawn area (mowing area) by planting more trees, shrubs and flowers.


Educational materials, reference data


The bulletin board of the southwest Missouri environmental community


Local air quality conditions in real time. Educational materials, reference data


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Springfield bus schedules and routes


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