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Native Trees & Plants

Including Pests, Diseases and Invasive Species

“Trees are the Answer!”  Professional and trained volunteers are available to assist in selection, care and identification of our beloved trees.  Native plants – strong, sturdy and efficient -- like the early explorers and Native Americans who first enjoyed them generations ago – remain a critical part of our natural history and culture.  Now valued as an essential component to sustainable landscapes, information about trees and native plants is readily available. 


Ever wonder if being a Tree City USA, Tree Line USA, or Tree Campus made a difference or not. You have proved it does. The Arbor Day Foundation recently sent out an annual summary of all of Missouri’s Tree City USA information and national summaries of Tree Line USA and Tree Campus Higher Education. It is amazing seeing what you have achieved as a group.

In Missouri alone, there are 110 Tree City USA communities. Together you invested $22,997,122 or an average of $8.36 per resident in your communities. The people living in those communities account for 44.83 percent of Missouri’s total population. You reported planting 37,653 trees in Tree City USA communities. Imagine the benefits these new trees and what they will provide to your communities for years to come.

We are very proud of Missouri State University for being recognized as one of only 9 institutions of higher education in the US to achieve the Tree Campus, USA designation this year. City Utilities of Springfield was one of only 12 utilities that earned the Tree Line, USA, designation. The City of Springfield was also recognized as a Tree City, USA.

Source: Arbor Day Foundation. Special thanks to Jon Skinner, Missouri Dept. of Conservation, for sharing!